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The services we offer

Thanks to our experience, obtained by working in several sectors, we are able to provide financial advisory activities to many Italian and international entities : companies, entrepreneurs, private debt/equity funds and financial institutions.
Our goals of business excellence are mainly focussed on four fields of expertise :

  1. Debt advisory and financial restructuring operations.
  2. Governance roles in case of restructuring processes.
  3. Credit institute advisory.
  4. Assistance and development of underperforming companies.
Experience and professionalism
Debt advisory and financial restructuring operations

In case of company difficulties and crisis, consolidation and restructuring processes and financial structure redefinition are extremely demanding procedures. Only qualified professionals are able to assure positive outcomes, thanks to their experience and their capability to mediate.

That’s why we offer diversified services focussed on company needs: company protection is always at the heart of our work.

Our activities include:

  • financial structure analysis and courses of action definition;
  • assistance in developing recovery plans (pursuant to art. 67 Italian Bankruptcy Law), debt restructuring plans (pursuant to art. 182 bis Italian Bankruptcy Law), admission to composition with creditors (pursuant to art. 161 and art. 186 bis Italian Bankruptcy Law);
  • support in financial conditions and contractual arrangements negotiation with credit institutes;
  • plan certification in accordance with Italian Bankruptcy Law.
Governance roles in case of restructuring processes

We also operate in these and other fields:

  • Chief Restructuring Officer activities;
  • support in Treasury management;
  • support in negotiations with suppliers for debt rescheduling agreements and write-offs;
  • governance roles when dealing with administrative bodies and liquidating authorities;
  • shareholders’ meetings and equity financial instruments holders’ meetings attendance;
  • listed companies meetings attendance as “proxies holder”.
Tailored-made assistance
Credit institutes advisory

We are able to offer a tailored-made assistance for Credit Institutes in case of prior analysis of the positions and also in case of governance rights acquisition for restructuring operations. In particular, we focus on the following activities:

  • business plan and related financial measures critical analysis to present to Credit Institutes;
  • assistance to negotiation with entrepreneurs and related advisors;
  • business performances analysis in order to detect potential “warning signals”;
  • restructured companies performances monitoring, related plans fulfillment verification and related covenants respect.
Company restructuring
Assistance and development of underperforming companies

It often happens that company reorganization and restructuring demand new resources, not only from the financial point of view, requiring structured operations carried out by skilled experts (acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances). To be successful, an accurate planning and a careful opportunity assessment need to be executed. External consultants’ support can allow shareholders and management to get major strategical advantages.

Private debt/equity investment funds in underperforming companies need an integrated and comprehensive advisory activity in order to competently identify best opportunities and cautiously manage investments, assuring risk and performance monitoring activities. In this field, apart from our experience, we also avail ourselves of long-established relationships with institutions, banks, financial intermediaries, Italian and international consulting firms.

Possible areas of intervention:

  • investment opportunities scouting, on the request of funds, banks and entrepreneurs;
  • critical analysis of business plan and financial measures related to investments, with opportunity preliminary assessment and a proper assistance during operation definition;
  • support in negotiations and in financing modalities definition;
  • experts and professionals coordination and support in negotiation with banks and entrepreneurs.