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Author: Errequadro

DGPA and the agreement among Iplom and the banks

Ms. Barbara Biassoni, along with DGPA & Co., acted with Iplom in a loan underwriting with banks. The agreement, signed by the Italian corporation of crude-oil refining, guarantees a strengthening of its financial position in order to further develop the company. Iplom was supported by

The expert Maurizio Dallocchio talks to CVA special commission

Yesterday, three Professors talked to CVA Special Commission and asserted that listing on the Stock Exchange is the key. According to Mr. Maurizio Dallocchio, tenured Professor of Corporate Finance at Bocconi University - Milan, listing can engender “conditions to grow”. A listed company is “more transparent

Maurizio Dallocchio will be one of 2019 CFO summit speakers

CFO Summit, created and organized by Business International, is the key event in Italy for CFO community and Corporate finance. For more than 10 years, Accounting Financial Management and Control executive directors have been gathering in order to analyze the evolution of this position, which has